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Training with Beast Mode PT

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We coach our clients at Func., an excellent community gym in Mitchell, ACT.  When you arrive for your first session you will be welcomed warmly before we sit down for a chat about you, your experience and what you want to achieve.
We will then take you through some basic movements so we can get to know each other and understand your current abilities.

Your first training session is about us learning where you are and where you want to be, and then working together to build a plan to get you there!



Junior Athletic Development

Your Coach

Coaching since 2013, Jarrod is a Strength and Conditioning Coach who has achieved great results with people from all walks of life and a wide variety of sports.  A strong supporter and advocate of his athletes and clients, Jarrod does everything he can to get the most out of those he coaches.

Jarrod holds qualifications that include three university degrees in the field of High Performance and Exercise Science, professional accreditation as a Strength and Conditioning Coach in Australia and the USA, and specialty Weightlifting and Sport Science accreditations.

Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Canberra Raiders SG Ball team since 2015, Jarrod has a particular interest in rugby league and junior athletic development.

Developing young athletes and instilling habits and knowledge that will be beneficial for an entire lifetime is hugely important for Jarrod as a coach.

Across his 8+ years of coaching at Beast Mode PT and the Canberra Raiders, Jarrod has coached over 1,000 people to achieve great results.

Clay Webb Jarrod Free SG Ball Premiers Canberra Raider 2021
Your Coach


Operating at Func., we are are located in Mitchell and have plenty of parking options available.

Only a few turns from several major roads, we are easy to find!

Unit 1A/67-71 Vicars St Mitchell.

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